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Zodiac signs


heyo! feel free to reply with your zodiac sign and if you truly think it’s accurate! :call_me_hand: :love_letter:


im a virgo and i think its pretty accurate :woman_shrugging:t4:


aries”. And yes it’s most definitely accurate for me


Capricor apparently. Only like 1 or two things are accurate lol.


pisces; selfless and artistic. i’d probably have to agree with this.


Aries: I’m full of piss and vinegar. I spit nickels when I’m angry. My go to response is rage.

Is it my zodiac sign that has made me this way? Or am I this way because everyone has told me that’s how Aries are supposed to act?

Another tidbit of information for your soul windows: I’m the only Aries in my entire family and I’m the only rage-a-holic asshole of the bunch.

Kane out.


I’m Cancer, which according to means my primary traits are “Intuitive, emotional, intelligent, and passionate,” which I guess is pretty accurate, especially the emotional part, cause I’m an emotional mess :sweat_smile:


Yay team Virgo! I dont believe in horoscopes, but it’s pretty accurate. Im a neat freak :woman_shrugging:


im a Virgo too but i dont think its that accurate.


I’m an Aquarius and Its hella accurate!


Cancer zodiac and its 100% accurate


same!! love having things organized and neat


i wonder that a lot actually. am i truly a virgo or do i act this way because im “supposed to.” maybe i was influenced to be a hardcore virgo, who knows.


cancer, and very accurate other than crybaby. i cry every couple of months lol


I like Scotty Sire too :wink::heart:


im a gemini and i feel attacked by mine cause i dont enjoy gossip???


We’re my Aquarius’s at?


Pretty accurate too.


Trying to get a badge


I’m Aquarius and It’s pretty accurate among 97% though. If someone of you guys are aquarius too check this out.