Yuser! Get in early


Hey everyone,

Me again! Yuser is doing well and getting closer to public access. We will be promoting at Frosh/O-Week events in Ontario, Canada to really get in front of our demographic.

That being said, we would love to see you on the app creating before then.

For new people seeing this, Yuser is a gamified social network that empowers users to share rewards for original content.

To sign up head to www.yuser.co

And to connect directly with the team, go to Telegram

I look forward to seeing you on the app!



Yooo thats neat Im actually in Toronto rn


Right on!


When do you guys plan to do full release?


Within the next 3 weeks on both iOS and Android.


Oh nice, will the crypto feature be implemented upon release as well?


Not quite (still waiting, working through compliance with the government), but that doesnt stop you from posting content as the in-app currency is whats exchangeable for our token.