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YT Rewind Worst One Yet


I just watched this years YouTube rewind and it was worse than last years, I swear!

The problems I have with it personally is that there was too much talking, so many people I didn’t know, too much Fortnite, unpopular challenges, memes we didn’t really like. And I don’t think they even put that much effort in this year. It got boring for me.

That’s just my opinion.

-Nathan J

Thoughts on the Youtube Rewind?

They’ve totally disconnected with everyone i’m shocked YouTubers haven’t started turning down this embarrassment.


i gotta check it out, but fortnite in the woods seems very captivating


Pewds wasn’t in it even though he is by far the most popular youtuber to ever exist, so like wtf. But they did have High Hopes by panic in there so that’s cool.


i wanted Pewdiepie and Shane Dawson


rewind gets worse as time goes on imo


Youtube needs to do better


just watched it, super forced, no pewdiepie, got big shaq that’s a +1, -1,000,000 cuz of a bunch of other garbage.

smh man, just smh. it’s so hypocritical.


nobody should have been expecting pewdiepie tbh, however it was in fact terrible…

i literally dont know 95% of the people in it.


Yep it was horrible, no pewdiepie, no reference to all that boxing stuff, ninja was in who’s a streamer on a different platform and then loads of people I’ve never heard of…


think this is the bit that got me as well. like he literally uses a platform other than youtube and they want him to promote youtube??


i kinda like the baby shark transition BUT THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS not involved
like the boxing fights/ diss tracks / PEWDIEPIE and t-series? i didnt even see david dobrik

check out the likes to dislikes ratio its insane how others believe so too

im not really into the new “spread positive message” vibe eventho its good but you purposely miss out the parts that matter which is technically what a Youtube Rewind video should be all about


they had in irrelevant youtubers instead of a youtuber that waited A YEAR TO BE IN REWIND

and in the rewind video someone also made a sexist comment


It makes me really sad it really does, 2015’s one was the best, it gave me summer vibes and all that, and so much colour/color, and it was cool with the music remixes.


The best part was Will Smith and that was it.


I expected absolutely nothing and yet, i was still disappointed.


Ya, mental health, Fortnite, K-pop. Where is Pewdiepie, Logan Paul, KSI, Deji, XXX, George H.W. Bush? I like memes, but they used the bad memes.


I know, bad memes, irrelevant ones too.


It was terrible, expected way better coming into it and seeing 33 million views and #1 on trending in like under 24 hours (when I first saw)


Yeah, what about Eminem and MGK?