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Youtube News: My Problem With Team 10

Seeing all the drama which ensued from some of the departing members of Team 10 I can’t help but make several observations. Mainly I remember how they talked about how they wanted to make it a family. Problem is business aint about treating employees like family and friends. If this app Byte becomes big as its predecessor Vine, then a new Team 10 will probably emerge, but learn from their mistake and don’t treat your employees like friends and families. Have and most importantly SET expectations with employees from the START. Of course, only from experience can one really understand what that’s like. (I should know from hiring people in the past.) On a side note, I’m here on the forum and app to make a successful business not make friends, if you want a friend then go buy a puppy. It aint personal it’s just business.


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honesty’s appreciated


this has nothing to do with team 10, but just a suggestion…

I’ve seen your instagram posts on multiple occasions through this forum. I just wanted to point out to you that being successful in your industry is hard without friends. Without networking, it can be SUPER hard to get noticed/traffic for your page or website. Getting in and befriending the higher-ups can be vital!

I wish you all the best in your success :))


If you don’t have friends in a business, then you’ll just be surrounded by ‘yes’ men. I’d much rather have a friend of mine say “hey thats stupid af” because I would be like “damn maybe it is stupid af, he might be right.” My best friend who helped me with my show and script stuff is constantly giving me advice rather than constantly saying OMG THATS AMAZING and I trust her because I know her so I’ll go back and fix something or tweak something to make it better. As much as I respect your honesty about wanting to make a business and not make friends, no matter what you’re gonna find friends in a business or no one is going to be there to hold you down to Earth so your ego doesn’t go higher like snoop dogg on a regular weekend.


Hey, that’s stupid af


I would go with her opinion. Having friends can help in situations, where do you even know to start… It is quite hard, to get back up from depressing situations where there is no way out. Just keep in mind, don’t go into Byte just to get monetization but also get friends to cheer you up - because they will be always there until your end. :+1:


I respect your opinion and your view point. However, my main point is to make it clear my intentions on here. Also, when I say I’m not looking for friends it dosen’t mean I want “yes,” men. It’s great to have a buddy like in your situation who helps and pushes you to make it towards your dream and aspirations, but life happens and your friends change as you get older. My friends today, are not my friends 20 years from now, nor my employees, or business partners or contacts. Change will happen and it’s inevitable. I’m not friends with the same people I was in kindergadern and it will change over the next 20 years. If I own a castle it’s hard to relate to the people who pay a mortage on a house in the suburbs, work 9-5, and vacation at the beach an hour drive away from where they live, while saving money, by not going to starbucks.


Jake Paul and his team 10 stuff annoy me.

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