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Youtube independent creators are dying (Thoughts?)


After watching the video about 8:08 into the vid, Shane made a lot of sense. After adpolosycpe, and watching the lives of FB moderators, having a platform, where anyone can upload anything is a huge liability. On top of the fact that the average content creator on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, or twitter dosen’t have a big budget like a netflix, hulu, or amazon series or movies, I think we’re reaching the end of an era where anybody and everybody can upload any content they want. Yes there’s Tik Tok but look at all the bad P.R that’s happening because anybody can upload content onto there. I think 20 years from now it will go back to the days of Hollywood where only the people with large budgets can make content. The liability alone I can see why I’d rather have a netflix versus a Youtube. I’d rant more but I’d be here all day.


People like Cody Ko and Danny Gonzales has a rough transition but they’ve grown as content creators and Cody has gone on tour recently. Youtube creators dying? ::Possibly:: YouTubes fair use? That died a while ago :tired_face::man_facepalming:


I see your point

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I don’t think I exactly understand what you’re saying… I don’t think their dying as you’re putting it… or Shane? Netflix and YouTube are two different things. Netflix is like Cable TV, I go there when I wanna watch movies and shows. You do not need a big budget to make videos, anyone can be a YouTuber we all have a camera in our pocket which in today’s world have gotten better since 2009. Anyone can talk about anything uncensored (or at least used to feel a lot more uncensored before YouTube started screwing creators). Now people have Webseries on YouTube and there’s YouTueb Originals if that’s what you’re referring to then I can understand but no I think they’ll always be a place for content by creators.


What I meant is I feel the next, Youtubes, Facebook, and snapchats will be a thing of the past. If Youtube makes a film with sony they have a large budget to make something. Someone like you and me, who are just you and me just take up storage space and bandwith on these apps (in my opinon) and take up costs on these platforms. Hopefully this makes sense

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I still don’t think I understand lol.

That’s the point of YouTube. The storage space and bandwidth dont take up cost, it’s for us the creators lol. It’s not a waste, that’s what YouTube is for. I think you want YouTube to be a Netflix or Hulu but why not just go to Netflix or Hulu? YouTube is a site where anyone can upload videos and stuff, yes they have YouTube Originals but that’s just cause everyone’s getting into the streaming business now & shows create more revenue so more room to spend on server space & whatnot lol.

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I do watch several channels daily, mostly from photographers, but often from independent comic book creators as well (and I don’t read comic books!). I don’t see anything stopping them from growing. In fact some are growing at a healthy pace. This channel is at almost 500,000 subscribers, and IIRC has gained half of those in one year:


I don’t think that it’s necessarily the smaller, independent YouTubers who are dying, I think it’s the more corporate, already successful TV companies that post on YouTube that are becoming even more popular. I can’t remember the last time I looked at the trending page and there wasn’t something from Jimmy Fallon or James Cordon on there. YouTube knows the more they push already popular TV shows, the more influx and sharability it holds-which realistically is just more profit for them. It’s sad, but it takes longer for YouTubers to gain a loyal following in order to make a profit than it would someone who’s already a celebrity to gain a following. YouTube is a business and, now, it seems like they are more money driven than ever.


I do see them growing, but I wonder if the internet is going the way of netflix and hulu. Not just anyone can upload videos onto that site. When you have a site where anyone can upload content, it causes a lot of disasters like the previous youtube adpocalypse, along with bad p.r. Just because Youtube is doing well now, doesn’t mean it will be around forever.


I agree with that on many levels, but I understand why they do it. At the same time, Youtube dosen’t feel like it knows what it wants to be. Every time they change something, it always seems like an attempt, to be some other app or website. Youtube aint going anywhere yet, but it can only continue to lose money for so long. We’ll see over the next 5 years what happens


@hubbardemily Which I don’t understand, arguably maybe because I’m not in the business field but I’m still gonna speak my mind lol. You’re right YouTube is more corporate then ever now and they have lots of money so that’s why I’m asking why they need more? There’s business & individuals in this world that are overly wealthy. Not only is Youtube profitable but their parent company is Google, their set. I wish they could lighten up a bit & help more creators specially since their making all this money & screwing creators or at least their system is w/ all the demonetizing, age-restricting, removing videos, etc etc. just a plethora of problems. Creators are the reason the site exist, YouTube would be nothing w/o us but they don’t care for some odd reason.