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Your new moderators!


This is not what I expected to wake up to… Thanks everyone :heart:


Congrats and you guys are all awesome!!!


Congratulations @annam @arf @kaden! :+1: :+1::slight_smile:


congratulations guys, i’m really happy for you all! very much deserved :blue_heart: @arf @annam @kaden


Well deserved guys!! Congrats :+1::+1:


Congrats!! yall def. deserve it for how much work you put in


Congrats guys! I know you three earned it. Couldn’t have picked a better trio myself.


Congratulations to all new mods cant wait for Thursday now



Is that day for what


Congrats y’all


Keep us proud




Congrats to our new mods!


beta info is coming tomorrow


How are you so sure?


P.S. Working on the first byte bulletin with some answers to your (awesome, thought-provoking) q’s, coming Thursday.

says it at the bottom of this and cami said the first byte bulletin they’ll say it

(I meant that Thursday is the day they say the beta timing I see how that could have been confusing)


Oh I see thanks


Oh wow I thought it was Tuesday today :joy:

I really need to pull myself together.


CONGRATS ALL! You deserve it!