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Your new moderators!


Congratulations @annam, @arf, and @kaden! You’ll be an awesome team.


Le moderators


Congratulations!! Thank you so much for your tireless contributions to the community. Deserve it 100%


yooooooooo!!! CONGRATZ!!! @arf @annam @kaden
The fact that the Byte team recognizes our most dedciated experts makes me emotional.


Congrats guys !!!


Thanks @everyone!!! I shall do my best just like the old kade’meister and annamanna!

happy to be here :green_heart:




You chose the best people. Congrats! I’m sure you’re gonna do the best job. I didn’t apply lol.


So happy for you guys! Keep it up and very excited to keep seeing you guys working hard for this community :two_hearts:


Congrats to all the new moderators! So happy you guys got the spot. :grin:



Congrats guys!


Congratulations! We always see you guys contributing the most you guys can almost everyday.


Congratulations guys :boom::boom:


Congratulations guyssss, you deserve it more than anyone else.

I am so glad you guys have gotten the places <3 , once again congrats.

Love all


Those three honestly earned modship <3 congrats to them!!




Congratulations guys :raised_hands:t6::tada:


Supercalifragialisticexpialidocious mods, can confirm


Congrats mods!

And thanks @cami_p for giving us a date to look forward to : )