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Your new moderators!


Hello friends,

As our team has gotten deeper into building the app, it’s meant that we haven’t had as much time to be on here as we would like. We felt like the best move would be to appoint some new moderators to make sure that things are running smoothly.

With that, we’re happy to announce that @arf, @annam, and @kaden will be taking on this important role!

We received so many amazing applications from among our Experts who were ready to go above and beyond. Seriously, they were a joy to read and reminded us that we have an incredible, creative, and committed community here.

Even though it was tough to narrow down, ultimately, we think having 3 people with moderator access is the best way to balance the responsibilities, keep coverage over what’s going on, and make sure that this community has the best team of people looking out for it.

All three will do an amazing job and we’ll work closely with them to make sure everyone has a positive experience here.

Let’s give them our congratulations!!

*byte team

P.S. Working on the first byte bulletin with some answers to your (awesome, thought-provoking) q’s, coming Thursday.


This is why you’re the legendary mod


*legendary mod


Congratulations guys!


Can confirm


Congratulations guys!! That’s awesome :clap:t2:


Congrats guys!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hope they do a great job! big congrat!!


You guys are the real legendary experts!


THURSDAY IS THE DAY #hypeforbyte


thank you so much, @cami_p ! and much love to the community!

congratulations my new fellow moderators! @arf @annam



Congratulations you three! :star: And very excited for the bulletin, thanks cami_p!


@arf @annam @kaden Congratulations guys, well deserved! :smile:


Congratulations to everyone who was chosen and I can’t wait for the byte bulletin! @arf @annam @kaden! Yall truly deserve it.




Nice cant wait for Thursday


Great choices !


Thursday is not going to come fast enough :joy:




Congrats brotha!