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Yanny or Laurel?


What do you hear?

I hear Yaurel.




Found the answer :wink:


I just listened it again with other headphones and now i hear Laurel lmao tf


I can’t hear yanny at all


I kept hearing yanny but my friends heard laurel and I’m like y’all dumb af BUT I KEPT LISTENING AND NOW I CAN ONLY HEAR LAUREL


I know that everyone hears different frequencies, and that both were played at the same time in different pitches, so idk. I hear yanny w/ and w/o headphones.


There is NO yanny regardless how I hear it. Odd.


Wtf I hear both

@itsmoody girl you broke my soul


I can also hear yelly and idk what test God is giving me but it’s not fair


I hear Yanny…


I definitely hear Yanny


sorry :joy:


Omg same. At first I heard something like “Yeery” but I was like yeah ok I can see why you would think yanny. But now all I hear is Laurel.


Laurel :joy:


Guys I figured it out.

Its a trick played by the editors or its an illusion played by our brains:

When I put my right earphone in, I could hear Laurel.

When I put my left one in, I heard Yanny.

The owners of the post might have edit it so we could hear Yanny in one ear and Laurel in the other.

Or it depends on how our brain wants to hear it. Maybe you want to hear Yanny, maybe Laurel. So the brain is making you hear that.

Another theory is that it depends on the hearing of one. Kids can hear higher pitches than adults I believe, hence people hearing Yanny. So it can be affected varied from your hearing ability

Or Im just overreacting and it just depends on what earphones you’re using.

This occured to me at like stupid o’clock and now I cant sleep.


Yeah that sounds about right. I believe this particular clip is playing both sounds at the same time, at least that’s what I’ve heard. Also, when you lower/rise the pitch you can hear either word a little better (Yanny when it’s lower, Laurel when it’s higher)


i can hear both

both of them are set at different frequencies and some people are naturally born with a frequency that they are accustomed to (being high, low or both) and thats why you can hear one or the other or both