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Would anyone want to join a massive instagram group chat?


@ jakestudebaker sign me up


Insta _ taz. _ there’s 2 underscores in the front and back twitter @itstanzania


:instagram: @TheKingHusker


@cigaretteboi pls


Yes, please add me @jaguarfrasse


I do insta is zayen_garcia


@itsyaboysami add me




@shonzi.tho :grin:




@matthias.henry is my ig


hey all…not a creator myself but have been working on an app that allows people to collaborate on short videos in a group. Could you please add @_roobit_ . Would like to listen in and get ideas from folks here.


Instagram is @ADVMLAWRENCE and I’d llve to be added


eeeeeeeeeeh idk, ive joined multiple instagram groups from this forum over the past year, and almost all of them end up inactive or just die, i think its better waiting for when an actual release date is out