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Worst place to live ever in ever ever


so… haven’t heard much about places that kinda stink to live. I know we all have dream destinations, but I’m more curious about your nightmare ones rn. Where (today in time) would you not want to be at?

i can’t really think of one so I’m gonna say the bottom of the ocean lol. There’s no light and of course what human isn’t scared of the dark :grimacing:


Probably North Korea


Probably my house. Because it sucks hard


Probably Ganon’s house cause it sucks hard


Idk, I think inside a place that you would be isolated from everyone else, such as a cave, on top of a mountain, or even in space in a solo spacecraft :thinking:


those could be nice lol. bottom of the ocean still scares me tho :flushed:


Yeah–NO ONE truly knows what’s down there :anguished:


At the moon without an astronaut suit, so that your head explodes.



A sewer :face_vomiting:


War zones
Third world countries
Gannon’s house
New Orleans


Ganons house cause it sucks hard and probably a super tiny small town because I love exploring big cities (but who knows I might maybe actually like it if I ever have lived in one)


anywhere in east london

:flushed: kidding…


WALES really bad in there !


excuse me tf


yeah definitely North Korea




hm whys that I wonder that hm

Is it like

bad stuff or



In the middle of a secluded desert.


anywhere near a mcdonald’s