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Will we have the opportunity to be verified?


Hi everyone,

I don’t think I have seen any mention of this, but I wanted to ask in advance, will creators have the ability to have their account verified once they hit a certain threshold? Wanted to ask in advance in case of impersonating accounts etc.

Byte verified?

I think that yes but you have to earn it, like in another social media


That makes sense. Plus, the bigger you are the more you attract that attention. Hopefully we’ll get some deets from Dom? :smiley:

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Yes u know, if you have a big audience is more easy to earn the verification

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Don’t forget about the search feature!


Dom did mention that there will be a verification system, but might be a little different.


ahh beat me to it by a few seconds :joy:

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Thank you for this!

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Thank you for that anyway!! I will go ahead and delete this thread. Definitely don’t want duplicates.


Sorry ya’ll, I do not know how to delete this thread…


Check out what dom said to this similar thread

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I mean, mans already said the same thing so like…


Don’t see no reason for this. Last thing I’d want is someone impersonating me on this app


what if you’re already verified on other platforms?


Thanks Ryan!

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