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Will V2 Be Strict?


well said fact about cyberbullying


To be honest, I mainly agree with what youre saying, but bullies might create several accounts because theyre lowlives. So the victim isnt always at fault


True, but people can always stop using an app or make a new account that isn’t associated with the old one if they feel like they’re being targeted for cyberbullying.


They can still be found. Like I said, people can be lowlives… But you have a point


I was wondering that too…I’d hate v2 to become full of tumblr social justice warriors that get offended over the smallest joke.


Maybe there could be a feature to report users who are mistreating other users. If that was implemented, though, there would obviously have to be lots of “moderators” to read reports and decide whether or not to inflict a punishment. That could help keep hate messages at a low point and still allow people to voice their opinions as long as they’re not breaking the rules of the app. Just an idea; I respect other opinions on this and would like to hear them.


Thats a good idea. But if you think about it, if 1 million people get V2 and 10% are a victim of online bullying… Thats quite a lot for moderators to deal with


Hope too


I think dark humour should be allowed tbh. Most of the time it isn’t to offend anyone, it’s just something that some people happen to enjoy


I feel that if we find something inappropriate we could just flag the video. I’m pretty sure they’ll look into it.


I hope not… then there is no fun. to would not be the same as the first one. the iconicness. i’m not saying that it won’t be better, I’m very thankful for it. but its just not gonna be fun. and tbh… some people like the good and angel. but some people not enjoy the vanilla, I know I don’t. idk, its just my opinion.