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Will this be a competitor to YouTube, because as a YouTuber, we so need that rn


With everything happening with YouTube, Adpocalypse and just the lack of communication between YouTube and creators, it’s about time a new platform should come and fix those problems.

Do you think v2 is going to be like v*** or more of a rival to youtube?
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I posted this same kind of questions and most people said probably not because its owned by google and its so big


Yeah I doubt it’ll be a competitor especially since V2 will be its own thing while YouTube is another thing


V2 videos are extremely short compared to youtube videos. You can easily do both v2 & YT. In my opinion there shouldn’t be competition since they can both raise popularity


True, but there are many people who can’t think of multiple videos to make on V2

For example some old creators could not create content quickly


welp natural selection then


Yeah I agree with you :star2:


What will most likely happen is Viners in V2 who see success will attempt to create for YouTube also and make V2 more of their side project considering it’s shorter and more manageable. This of course is so they could make some money for their content.

We saw this happen with a lot of Viners back when Vine was peaking. It wouldn’t surprise me if it happened again, and honestly I think YouTube likes it. They get a lot of new content creators and possible viewers from Vine to YouTube.

Keeping V2 strictly non-competitive with YouTube will likely be the best option because if they work against each other it could hurt both sites.


Yeah a lot of viners did that and it will definitely happen again. I understand what you’re saying.


We need a new platform to create! Youtube is going to shit and a lot of youtubers are only there because its the only option


I feel like youtube is slowly dying, People accounts can get banned because of the potential of inapporaite comments. I think byte will take some of its audience like IG, and twitch have done so far