Will people get famous off V2?


Yes… it’s not that people are solely going there to get famous, but me living in small town Texas can get my face out there using social media platforms like v2. It most definitely helps get you a little more noticed, and get you a higher chance of getting into a career that you want if its were to be one where fame is included.


I don’t care if people get famous off V2 or not i’m just here because I’m a fan of the idea of V2. Make videos for fun and if anything comes of it then that’s great :call_me_hand:


The sheer amount of views on Youtube Rip Vine compliance shows the potential of v2


The FBI are on their way only you know how to stop isis


I hope so to become one of those


Hi do you know how to post on here


whens the app out


Yes! If V2 is as big as vine then definitly yes!


where there is any community there are it’s most well-known members… Famous to, at the very least, that community.