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Will people get famous off V2?


Yes… it’s not that people are solely going there to get famous, but me living in small town Texas can get my face out there using social media platforms like v2. It most definitely helps get you a little more noticed, and get you a higher chance of getting into a career that you want if its were to be one where fame is included.


I don’t care if people get famous off V2 or not i’m just here because I’m a fan of the idea of V2. Make videos for fun and if anything comes of it then that’s great :call_me_hand:


The sheer amount of views on Youtube Rip Vine compliance shows the potential of v2


The FBI are on their way only you know how to stop isis


I hope so to become one of those


Hi do you know how to post on here


whens the app out


Yes! If V2 is as big as vine then definitly yes!


where there is any community there are it’s most well-known members… Famous to, at the very least, that community.


Yes! Hopefully v2 will have a considerable audience, who will make at least a few people famous. I’m hoping this stock of famous users is new/different from the last…


V2 is going to give artists a second chance in growing there profile. Especially the ones who joined Vine months and even weeks before its shut down. Im excited to see all the new and soon to be famous artists. (Hopefully Im one of them haha)


I think it depends how popular V2 is. I think if they wait too long to release it the hype might die down to a point where people don’t really care about it as much.
Just my opinion tho.


I really hope the app is as successful as the original but if the app solely relies upon the popularity of the original the hype will only last a few months due to nostalgia. I think all of us should try to promote this app as its own thing improving upon the past. If we keep comparing it to vine I think it will be harmful in the long run.


they certainly will, just the same way they did in vin*


same homie!!


That is a scary yet possibly true thought…


And yet people have gotten so offensive when new concepts are mentioned that would change the app and make it less like vine. And that’s another thing, people keep calling it vine or (vine 2) or the new vine. This isn’t vine reborn, V2 is it’s own app it’s own thing. While it may have similarities, nowadays most apps do, just look at snapchat and instagram and facebook, now they all got stories. People gotta stop treating V2 like it’s gonna be vine started back up again, it won’t and allowing it to disconnect and be its own unique thing will be what allows it to survive and thrive. Nostalgia may seem great but relying so heavily on the loves of the past will hurt the future, especially when reality sets in and you discover it isn’t that nostalgic thing you thought it would be.


I can’t agree with this more! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


I hope you’re one of them too bro. Good luck!!!