Will people get famous off V2?


Great advice! Thanks for the tip! Everything is the exact same except for Instagram. My name was already taken on that platform lol. :heart:️ How about those eagles tho


Stars will rise and I hope monetization will become a thing too.


Monetisation through the app probably won’t happen as it will ruin UX (User Experience), however similar to V*ne sponsors will most likely approach influencers!


Sponsorships, that can work too.


Honestly, with couple thousand or so on these forums, we have to first and biggest chance for fame. We will be here since day one, and see how things work, and if we can create good enough content that people enjoy I think a handful of us can make it big.


without a doubt. like any platform, the early users have a slight advantage so anyone on this forum has a good chance.


Guys, here’s a tip: Being on this forum or being first on a platform does not actually give you a better chance at Fame or Money or Success or anything at all. I started on Vine just a few months after it first opened and saw lots of new people starting on Vine many months to a year later and becoming very popular. It only takes one of your videos going viral to launch your popularity on a platform no matter when you get started.

What does matter is creating content people enjoy and want to see, and creating that content on a regular basis. And let’s be real: very few people are going to “blow up big” on any platform, so if your only goal is to become famous from an app, you’ll probably end up disappointed.

Instead, figure out how to use V2 as a way to express your creativity or whatever it is you want to express. Are you good at comedy? Then make comedy videos. Are your needlepoint skills off the charts? Do videos showing people how to do amazing needlepoint. Do you have a great singing voice? Make singing videos.

Then if people like what you do you’ll naturally gain a following and, who knows, maybe a LOT of people will like what you do and you’ll become popular. But most of all, enjoy what you’re doing because you’ll need to do it a lot if you want any chance at gaining a large following. It takes a lot more work and dedication to be a successful content creator than most people realize.

Good luck, everyone! :relaxed:


Wow thanks so much for the in depth tip!!

Super helpful


I’ll be there. Just wait and see.


Why do you want to be famous for creating literally 6.5 second videos? If you make it big do it in something impressive. Just the fact that literally thousands of people are already trying to get up in the rankings by being on here trying to build up their brand before hand blows me away. Like dude, enjoy the content. Making a great 6.5 second video is not something you should look forward to becoming famous for. If you want to be famous make it in something worth while. Fame is overrated. Make a difference in the world.


I think it may be people wanting to use v2 to put themselves in a position to where they CAN become famous for what it is they actually want to do. What I mean by that is they use v2 to build their following/brand, then capitalize on that and get into their dream job, whether it be acting, music, film, etc. Maybe some people just wanna be famous off of youtube. But I don’t think they’re referring to being famous solely off of making 6.5 second videos


Why do you need a means to those end goals in the form of a simple thing anybody can create. If you want to be famous as an actor take acting lessons and go act. Youtube is full of advice. If you want to make YouTube videos make Youtube videos.

I understand creating an audience and then leveraging it, and I actually agree with that idea as I am sort of doing it with my business right now, but I think trying to get famous off of 6.5 second vids that a 10 year old can make look good seems kind of silly


What was great about the “OG” was the algorithm. It was so good and haven’t really found one similar besides Twitch. (Which is a totally different platform). As @Super mentioned platforms always have a “popularity pyramid” but, the question is will this be “User Friendly” like the “OG” had? I’m pretty sure people can agree with me on how hard it is to make it on YouTube now a days. At the end of the day yes, I think people will and that shouldn’t be the main aspect on why you make videos as an artist. Remember how the “OG” died.


Yeah I get where you’re coming from. And I can’t even lie when I was younger I did want to just be “famous” off of anything. However as I got older I realized my deep passion and love for music and no amount of fame would hinder me from pursuing it. Some people just have different prerogatives I guess, different ideals.

But maybe it isn’t fame that everyone wants, so much as recognition? Being noticed, acknowledged. Because if people in this thread are talking Kardashian fame I don’t think anyone wants that type of attention, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone


Look at it this way, “I got famous with only 6.5 seconds.” That’s impressive of itself, that you can become famous with only 6.5 seconds is extremely hard and such a small window of opportunities you can do with it. When you said “make it in something impressive” that is an opinion to you, most of the people on this forum think it’s very impressive that people got famous with only 6.5 seconds. And to “enjoy the content” there have to be creators there to dedicate themselves in order to watch the content, you can’t just rely on some random video to blow up that took no effort. Sometimes (not all the time) it takes fame to make a difference in the world and even then fame might come after making that difference unintentionally.


I never even thought of how “6.5 seconds can make people famous in small opportunities” that’s a very interesting statement. It definitely adjusts my levels of opinions.


Yo fam why you sound like a scholar Rn? You want my doctoral degree?


Idk fam guess I’m just well spoken? :thinking:


I know there has been some discussion on this board about “making it big” on v2. Well here is a little food for thought. Everytime a content creating site takes off there is always going to be people that cash in :moneybag:. It’s like winning the lottery except instead of random numbers that choose the winner, WE, the users of this get to pick who wins the “Jackpot”. Sometimes we reward individuals that display wholesome family values like the Eh Bee family while other times we reward individuals that undermine their humanity in their quest for fame. Either way the choice is ours.


For sure. Anytime a platform emerges, stars will emerge. Part of the process.