Will people get famous off V2?


Imagine that hahaha I wouldn’t be able to handle it


There’s no doubt in my mind. I, for one, think that v2 is going to be huge! so I’m sure that many new & future stars will emerge!:comet:


Same! …


Oh shoot you caught me


Can’t wait for V2! :heart_eyes:


Same. Same


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When the internet becomes involved it’s easier for people to get famous… because someone, in California, can get on a video posting app and see a video from someone from another state, country, or continent… it helps get your face out there.


for Sure


Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:


Yeah, should be great!


This is how it ussually works, you’ll
Post a video. And make sure you post it on twitter too. If the video is funny, big theme accounts will steal your video. And post it on there big accounts on instagram, Twitter, or Facebook without giving you credit. And if you’re lucky and someone nice gives you credit. Boom you grow . And if the video is funny enough, a lot of themes steal it. And boom again, you start becoming famous. Theme accounts don’t steal videos with watermark. so if you’re a fresh video creator do not put watermarks until you’re constantly getting views . Your videos tend to spread more. So the more videos you create, the higher the chance one will do well . Good luck!!


You can do anything you put your mind to :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah for sure!


So excited!!!:raised_hands:t4::star:


Here’s a bit of a secret I’ll reveal just too us here on the v2 forum. One way to grow your audience is for brand unification, by having the same username across every platform it makes it easier for people to find you. Also makes it easier for google to index and figure out who you are. And who doesn’t want to be able to be google searched, if your in social media, that’s a goal, one of many. Also don’t tell people what your changing your username too, as someone might try ripping out from under you. Change it first then announce the change. Even if you’ve had the same usernames on platforms for a while, changing them to be unified can be a big help, also don’t forget about hashtags, they help your content get discovered on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Sweet thanks for the advice! I guess mine stays @damnitdc


Of course they will!


I hope people will, but in the end all that matters is the community and how we’re a big family and if in the process we become famous, hey! That’s great!


word. it’s all love