Will people get famous off V2?


Yeah definitly, there will be a bunch of new faces who’ll rise!


Yeah I think so


Oui oui :'D


We will see each others at the top :crown:
A new generation is coming and some of you will be there.:clap::v::100:


Almost definitely. There’s plenty of talented people out there that just need a platform! I’m super excited for new comedy talents to pop up!


I will definitely become famous, but I don’t know about the rest of you. :love_you_gesture:t3:


i hope i get famous


Hope so. The original was great for that… shawn mendes…


Collab! 8char


As long as v2 takes off then yes


Honestly, I feel like this is one of those situations where all you need is the talent and to just “show up”. V2 already has the hefty brand power to grow faster than some “no-name” social media platform. At this point, I think it’s important we all begin to break off into groups of similar niches so we can band together in order to geniuely build off each other’s audiences.


This might be something we all want to look at, according to this article, former Vine stars are being reached out to give feedback and potentially be on the platform from the get go, if the platform is filled with already large creators (artist) from day one, the chances of someone else growing would be difficult. As the top content would be from the people with the larger audiences. I’m hoping that’s incorrect, because a platform that’s filled with large social influencers and their audiences from day one will make the platform saturated just like any other existing social network and make smaller creators (artist) have a difficult time growing.


I’m sure people will get popular off of V2… This is almost inevitable if this app gets big which I’m guessing it will


See this thread I posted a few days ago, Dom is definitely reaching out to former Viners who gained large followings there. What it means will be hard to know until the app is released.


We should all help each other on here and like, do collaboration vines and promote each other when the app launches!


I totally agree!! I’m in! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Cause it just seemed to be worse for everybody. I feel like it was one of the main reasons why they scattered to platforms like youtube to make money off of clickbaity videos, making the problem worse since its with famous people.


Oh without a doubt we’ll see some new faces out there hit there spike of popularity via V2 now as for how hard that will be if we have the inevitable saturation of old famous “artist” from the old app is yet to be seen but yea almost guaranteed. Heck I myself have not only put off putting anymore content out on my other social platforms in an effort to compile video ideas for V2 but also recently began preparing for reaching out to hopefully other future V2 users in NC for collaborations. ^^;


i feel like a loooot of people are going into v2 thinking they’re blowing up
there’s 2 sides of the spectrum :
the people who are just making content for fun, and the people in it to become famous
or at least that’s what i’ve seen so far lmao


Then you become famous lol