Will people get famous off V2?


Who thinks future stars will rise from V2?


I think for sure


If people embrace it and make just like V*ne was, yeah i think so. My dream is to do that, so I’m hoping :crossed_fingers:


V2 is already a hot topic at the moment, so there’s no doubt more people will get some fame off of it. Hopefully not as many people quit their regular jobs for it though.


Same man


Of course, no matter where and what platform there is always a popularity pyramid.


And with us all being here now, we all got our foot in the door. We’ll know when things are happening, and be ready for the first day on v2.


That’s a fact!


Yeah that’s true


Yas for sure! And I hope I will!:crossed_fingers:t4:


For sure


Why do you care who does or doesn’t quit their job


Hopefully we do, that would be so bueno


I do, if this app succeeds it will for sure spark off fame to some people who have put into the work


Definitely, a lot of people will get discovered on v2


Yep 100% won’t be me though haha


If we do, I would be happy


You saw what happened with V*ne right? They re famous and rich


Yes of course, the new generation of stars is coming…


yeah there’s no doubt that there will be future stars from v2