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Will dom keep the app, or sell it when it’s big?


I just don’t want the same thing that happened to vine, to happen to byte. Byte has so much potential and if dom can keep it without letting a bigger company overwhelm him then it can be successful as well. Sorry I don’t mean to pinch nerves, or not make sense…


i hope so too, but we can never know what the future holds :frowning:


I doubt he’ll sell it he’s already said he’s invested in this app


Yes, but he was invested in Vine as well… sorry I didn’t mean for that to sound rude…


It’s fine but seriously he would’ve stopped at v2 if he was just gonna sell it


Probably keep it after what Twitter did with :vine:


i highly doubt dom would ever trust selling his creation again. he learned from that. this is what rus, the co creator of vine tweeted back when the news was released… and dom mentioned on the discord he will never sell it again

edit: also tweeted it was the biggest mistake he ever made


He shouldnt sell it, its not all about the money, something might happen again, like with smosh


Yes! I remember that. I think Dom knows twitter messed up with Vine, I don’t think he’d run the risk of selling it again.


We have faith in Dom :bowing_woman:


Hopefully it’ll be like snapchat. Snapchat has been owned by it’s creator(s) since it’s inception and hasn’t sold out to anybody.


he wont sell it.

he said seling vine was one of his worst decisions and he regreted it


He isn’t gonna sell it he won’t make the same regretful decision twice


We don’t know. He might sell it, he might not. I can’t tell… hope what’s best for us and for byte is what ends up happening.


I hope not, I don’t think so, AND HE WILL NOT.
We can’t lose vine or in this case byte again


He probably won’t. Twitter’s bad decisions lead to vines downfall, and I don’t think he wants another big company to do the same thing.


exactly, snapchat refused billions of dollars from Mark zuckerberg and that was the best decision cus they grew much larger.

i believe this would be the case with byte aswell


A while ago, he said that he doesn’t plan on selling it, but self hosting will cost some money.


However, he did say that this time he has funding for the app…


He most likely won’t, he already got paid when he sold vine. Plus, he’s making Byte so that he can fix what Twitter messed up.