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Why is my expensive camera soo bad?!


Okay, so!

I’ve had this camera for about a year and longstoryshort it looks so bad even though its meant to be good, for example it looks like an oil painting, (as you can see here!)

It is in my recent video…but you can see my cute cat if u want too.

How do I change this uglyness of the camera if you know?

-Nathan J


This is a great video keep up the good work


Is this automated again???


What camera is it?
It could have something to do with the settings

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Canon powershot SX540 HS


Did you change any of the settings try resetting it and if that makes it any better you could try upping the resolution in settings or the iso if you sometimes film in dark conditions
Edit after taking a quick look at the video literally a few seconds you’re moving through the house in places that are not well lit, this will cause something called noise which is basically making the video grainy try upping the iso like I said but honestly you might just have to get better lighting


i was gonna say settings but idk lol


You might want to look some stuff up on youtube about lighting. Also keep in mind (if i’m correct) you want the lights in front of you not on top of you like on the ceiling. Buying some lamps and putting them in front of you face might help behind your camera. Just some suggestions, but I’d also go on photography forum and see their thoughts as well, as they’ll have better insight

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Have you checked under the tray

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did you try turning it off and on again


Have you tried putting it in rice?


Its ugly, I had all the lights on, but the orange walls don’t help, thanks anyway.


Lol what tray?


Yes, I need a light mount. Thanks

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Definitely a lighting problem. Get some studio lights/stands (you can get a good set on Amazon for $50-$100) and bump the ISO down.

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Also now that I think about it it could be your export settings from your editor. What settings do you use and what editor? My guess is that you have the bitrate set way too low.

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Nah, its defo not the editor, when i look at the camera screen, I can see the oil painting look.


did you turn it on?


Well, camera screens aren’t a very accurate depiction of the final result. Pretty much all consumer level cameras like yours are like that.


:joy: Good to know, but it’s still not the editor…

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