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Why I personally have faith in V2


I feel like public opinion is definitely varied when it comes to the idea of V2 but I remain confident that V2 can and will prove to be a successful player. I feel the social media scene has changed quite a bit from when Vine started to decline. Many attribute the demise of Vine to Twitter and to the implementation of Vine-like features into other social platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Some also believe it was because content creators left Vine for other platforms for more opportunities to capitalize on their content. I think the climate has changed just enough to where a successor could definitely flourish. “Instagram comedy” sketches have taken the form of minute-long pieces. There was a certain charm and a completely different comedic value to the 6 second format loop that just isn’t captured by Instagram’s video sharing features. Snapchat allows users to share video with their friends in the form of a story (as does Instagram) but those are not permanent and are not presented in a timeline format. I often find myself trying to remember if I saved that “hilarious snapchat video” only to find out I just missed the 24 hour mark and disappointed to know it’s gone forever. While Twitter has incorporated the 6 second loop into their own platform, Twitter is not necessarily known as “the short-form video sharing service”. The niche that Vine had, that was essentially stolen away by competitors, has reappeared due to evolution of other platforms. V2 can emerge as the go-to platform for this certain brand of content. If V2 can create and reintroduce a platform for creators to create short-form entertainment and make it possible to reward them to keep them on the platform (which I’m confident it can) then I have no doubt that it can succeed.

But I want to know what you all think. Anyone else want to share why they have faith in V2?


I just see the sense of community within the forum, and judging by how many people there are already here, I definitely have faith in V2!


The reason I have a lot of faith in v2 is because in the year that vine has been dead I have heard so many people say that they wish vine was still alive so they can watch a lot of new vines and stop watching the same vine compilations and now with V2 people are going to immediately jump on the app and start making content to become famous like all the old viners or to just watch funny new content. It’s really just all the potential the app has that makes me have faith in it.


The main reason V2 will make it big is because we’re in the meme gif era. We need something to laugh about and vine did that. Twitter will be full of vines.


Honestly, everything you said was true and I have no idea what to add


agreed with @jennifer… what she said


I have lots of faith in v2 I am so happy about it coming back together and happy to think more people will have the opportunity to expand their passion. I know that people just say do youtube but i dont think youtube is the same. Vine has more of a groovy feel to it like 6 seconds can make someone’s day. Someone’s week. Someones entire life happier because they remember that one stupid kid doing that one stupid vine that was so stupid it was humorous that’s probably the best feeling in the world knowing that by having this platform people can make people happier that’s why I have lots of faith in v2


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when you go deep into this topic looking at all the other competitors we consider Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitch they all has this one thing in comman that is they have long videos and they have some limitations as snapchat has 24 hrs constrain so what i want to tell is V2 will be successful due to people visit there because they want shorter content and highest entertainment were in youtube you might get stuck with clickbaits or long videos so WHAT I SUGGEST IS


With over 15k users and gary vee hopping on it, I think it’ll have its place among the top apps