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Why does everyone love pizza so much?


Hey guys! I’m here with the obvious most important question of all time, so let’s get right to it! Now, I love pizza very a lot much, but I’m wondering how it’s so universally loved.

what is the secret of pizza?

one may ask

and here i am trying to find the answer
let’s find the answer
or somethin idk

also (please see):

happy pizza’ing!!!


to quote someone weird: y r u liek dis


What is there to not love?


eh actually not a fan of pizza unpopular opinion :man_shrugging:t3:


n-n-nani?! nani wa baka desu na?!


maniac magee was allergic to pizza mind you :triumph: :triumph:



i too eat pizza in the sewer


pineapple and ham pizza > shaggy




Because it’s cheesy, greasy, salty, soft, and crunchy


Wow that sounds like a description of me @Alana


Go commit despacito


that’s a good one!:joy:


Because it tastes good.


the best place to eat it :laughing:


Because it is absolutely delicious !!!

The meat and cheese and arghhh everything it just melts in ur mouth…

Love a good pizza,

Damn u made me hungry lol


Ironic because I just ate pizza for my brother’s birthday. I just love it because it tastes really tangy, meaty and cheesy and you can taste a lot on it idk


Pizza is da bomb


these r fax :fax: