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Why does byte have forums?

This is in General Discussion because I feel it would be nice to have a discussion about the direction of the community.

No other major social media network has forums but then again why would they since participation on their network and apps is their main focus.

Dom once mentioned the community for Vine (By Twitter Inc.) and if it still exists, moving the demand over to the future application now called byte (a independent entity not owned by Twitter).

There have been many discussions about this before so this post is not about will the forums live on but rather where will be/is the community.

Right now it’s on the forums but what is this community, and who governs it for now. Does everything change when byte finally released? What does the forum community think about the wider vine audience some of whom have shifted to YouTube and TikTok. Are they byters and hence part of the community?

Just thought it would be a nice discussion to make


Me personally I like the forums…discord too. It’s a way for the Byte Team to communicate with its most dedicated users. And I believe the forums will get bigger with time. :100:

Once Byte drops, I do believe the scattered vine community will get back together.
People forget that it was DIFFICULT to contact the Vine team. Also, many suggestions made by its users were ignored. So I’m grateful for everything… because I do believe we’re gonna enter into a new era of the internet. And change the way social media platforms interact with and treat its users.

(and change how they do business.)


This is so meta lol


Who doesn’t like the forums or Discord. A forum however isn’t a traditional way for users to give feedback and is rather used mainly by developers or business partners to communicate ideas and crucial bugs to deal with high level customers. What I’m referring to here is for example the Google Groups for YouTube and the previous Google+ which use it as its forums system. However it seems to be going really well for byte and the likes of Spotify which also have a Blog for their mobile app.
I however think that it’s not as easy as the whole vine community reuniting once again on byte as the company ByteDance (with TikTok) is holding most of the demographic through their app.
I do think we should especially follow the examples set out by Spotify and Google which have built in ways for suggesting features to do with the app and we should have a reformed forums, same content but better and deeper engagement.


TikTok only has those demographics because V*ne died. lol
And I do believe both apps can coexist. The culture and the content will be radically different.
(Kinda like Youtube, Twitter and Instagram)
And the forums are good as is. Byte has a rare opportunity to change industry standards.
TBH we’re kinda in our own lane. And we’re doing what’s best for this app at this time.

At the end of day, the community should come first. And the love for the app should be the driving force towards success. So I understand if its a bit unorthodox but many history-changing events can from humble circumstances.


is that meant to say dan or dom


It is meant to refer to Dom Hoffman indeed, thanks.


this forum is good to contact future byters and stuff


Well maybe yes but technically no. Tech companies usually do it through the likes of a blog e.g. Twitter Blog or Google’s The Keyword ( And these tech companies offer suggestions and feedback in their apps so that’s where my question stemmed from. Also in the case of Spotify, their forum moderators are Spotify employees I think correct me if I am wrong.


Think this fits better in #forum-feedback because #general-discussion is about the app.


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