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Why Anthony Bourdain was the best television travel host ever


I first watched him in No Reservations on the Travel Channel. I was drawn to how he spoke about each place, before travel host would be a little ignorant or too much of a know it all, but when Bourdain did it, he walked a fine line between those two as he tried to understand the values and history of a place while respecting and understanding that he was still just a traveler. The way he described things were amazing as well, coming from his strengths of writing he would say things that would bring the audience closer to understanding what it was to taste or experience something. Another thing to add on is the way his shows were edited and shot, he could of went to a basic route like atypical travel food show like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, but he and his crew, especially in Parts Unknown put a little more effort in the show, making it more cinematic thus giving a bigger impact when you watch an episode. Overall Anthony Bourdain was bold, agree or disagree he stood to what who he was, and learned to be better as well. I don’t really have idols that i look up too but Anthony Bourdain was the closest to being that. I believe Parts Unknown is still on Netflix ( and some episodes are on Youtube) so if you haven’t watch it, I RECOMMEND YOU DO. RIP Anthony Bourdain.

Here some clips to watch.


RIP. I’ve heard good things about him, but never really checked him out. I knew his death was really tragic but I never really understood what he did before it. I promise to check him out.


He had a talent for words. Definitely watch Parts Unkown.


BTW I love this quote from Mr. Bourdain.

“The camera is a liar. It shows everything. It shows nothing. It reveals only what we want. Often, what we see is seen only from a window, moving past and then gone. One window. My window. If you’d been here, chances are you would have seen things differently.” - Anthony Bourdain (Parts Unknown Madagascar)


danggggggggggggg. i admire people like that a lot. How do i always miss out on these people?