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Who's Still Active on the Forums?


Are any of you guys still as active as you used to be? I kinda dipped for a few weeks before but I’m back :tada:

I know there are 11568 users but I was just wondering if anyone knows how to figure out how many of those users are actually actively posting and reading. I know it’s a lot less than 11568 because the LETS COUNT TO 5000 thread would have finished a loooong time ago :joy:

Anyways I’m super excited for all the new updates like everyone else. woot woot. I had fried chicken today. ok bye.

Update (I posted this below as well): Ok so the badges show that only 2,987 people even have a trust level of some kind, and if there are 11,611 users does that mean 8,624 of them aren’t even active at all? That’s science right?


not me, im barely on here, what is v2 btw?


By my calculations I presume there are atleast 4.3


:raising_hand_woman:t4:‍♀️ 8charac


im here every couple days


I’m probably on here to much :laughing:


i’m so active i haven’t left my bed in days


Ahahaha well then you’ll make it very far


Well it paid off sir expert


Yeah i never see you around here lmao


Hmmmm where are your sources


Iam here :raising_hand_man:t3: I think that maybe 5000 or less are active users


I ain’t an active user nowadays…


Im here every day or 2, sup


I’m a ghost.


I always have the tab open and check in from time to time to see what I missed. I miss when it was first starting out and everyone was active. It was so much fun to be apart of, but now it’s kinda just like we ran out of things to talk about and it has died down a lot. I feel like once there is a big announcement from Dom it will blow up again.


I just joined today, but it looks like I might’ve jumped on too late. Hopefully not - I’m really excited for v2!


I tend to read more than post/reply, but I’m usually around. Even if it’s not showing me as seen “just now” I’ve got it open in a tab on my phone with email notifications on for replies and etc.


That’s a good estimate and yeah I see you around all the time lol