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Who's leaving college when Byte releases?


The tittle is super confusing tbh, I makes it seem like as if you’re dropping for Byte.


I edited the title for less confusion @MagicalVlogger


yes drop out, i totally would cus im the youngest flexer ever

lets goo


LMAOOOO woah this was funny


Less confusing title could be who finishes college when byte releases?


^ yes exactly what i thought


I got i to vine my freshman year of high school and next year will be my freshman year of college, so I’ll start producing bytes around the same time. Kinda cool imo


Common guys, be nice. Follow your dreams dude. You got this. Whether your dropping out or not, I wish you many good vibes :love_you_gesture:t5:




Lol, thanks, Im not guys common


Also in line! :innocent:


don’t drop out!!! yes, a lot of famous vin**rs dropped out of college or didn’t go at all, but that’s when they saw that they were growing !! so if you do want to drop out… at least wait till you get some recognition if you do. plus remember just because you have A LOT of time doesn’t mean content will be so great!! i go to college but I have enough time to make 6.5 second videos :slightly_smiling_face:


Umm…How did you find this thread even though it was made ages ago, lol.


i was scrolling lmao


for the last time, unless i am incorrect, the post is about finishing not dropping out lol


Yeah, im finishing around June time


lmaooo gotcha, well follow your dreaamssss, would you also move to L.A or ?


you really confuse me bc i dont know when you’re joking and when you’re serious


nah I wont


What, how, im leaving in june…