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Who's leaving college when Byte releases?


Guys! I’m leaving college next year and hopefully I can make lots of Byte vids on my hands. Ill be free for once and I could use this as my job, lol (kinda)
Anyone else in my position? If so, lemme hear your story.

Just forum things (byte forum yearbook)

wait ur dropping out of college for Byte? or is ur college just done next year?


nono i dont know how u managed to be in college if u are dumb enough to start a byte career so early


Not everyone drops out of college lol. No I’m leaving because i’ve done my courses, even though they may be useless.


Umm… You have to start early…


First of all, I would like to start by saying that that is an absolutely terrible idea in which you may need to rethink if you are dropping out of college solely for the purpose of making Byte videos. Byte is something that is not guaranteed to work out for everyone and in the future you may regret not completing college.


I’m not lol. I just said its the end of my year next year. I’m not Lil Tay.


ooooh like that.

one thing I’d recommend though it to see how Byte as an app works out. Would be a shame to put all your eggs into that one Byte basket, and then the app doesn’t take off.


Its fine I got lots of backup plans for myself.


Oh ok…lol


like 100% you gotta start on Byte early just don’t make it your career at that point is what I’m thinking.


this aint it chief 1st you dont have a backup 2nd you dont know if you will get famous or not 3rd this is a gamble

like u dont even know if you will stick with it. why not stay in college and make vids on the side and if u blow up then just drop out


I must of worded the title wrong. Sorry.


he is staying in college, he just graduates by the time byte is released


I was planning to leave anyway, Byte or not.


Yeah, which is good timing


lol ya you definitely worded the title improperly giving people the wrong impression


Lol ok. I should of said, “Who’s leaving college when byte is launched”


I don’t wanna go to college lol


big oof. to this entire thing.