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Whos excited for byte


Vine was good but byte could be better


It will alot of upcoming singers,rappers,actors,comedians,directors,producers,songwriters will shine bright and make it big


I really hope it’s popular, we could end up with so much good content and good people coming from it. A lot of people say that TikTok was basically v2 but there wasn’t much room for creativity with the ability to lip sync being way more popular than using your own sound. I hope it has a positive media presence too to keep it alive


The real question here is who the heck is nor excited for byte.


Meeeeee I cant wait!! :star2::laughing::star2:


True tho :joy:


depends on what content people will post, because with the internet, a lot of content becomes outdated really quickly. when vine was around the content was full of sketches and sometimes “one hit wonders” but that’s not what’s popular anymore. if viners are willing to change for byte it will do well, if not then maybe byte will die off…


I’ve been thinking a lot about this too. Memes go out of style so quickly nowadays that people really have to start making “real” comedy. I love memes and all but to have byte stay alive there’s going to need to be some effort


I’m so hype


i am absolutely not excited for Byte at all whatsoever in any respect :100: % totally definitely not sarcasm


I’m pretty hype like fr this is going to trump everything it’s gonna be good


No one appreciated Vne until it was gone. That was when people started making all those compilations with the same 25 vnes in each. Hopefully byte will be just as successful if not more. People tried filling the gaping void with Oevo,, TikTok, and are slowly failing. Once byte comes, it will be unstoppable!


^ i appreciated vine verrry much. it was my life since i had no life😂 i used all my time making them and being on there

i’ll appreciate byte just as much! :grin:
im so excited


i hope we make it live up to the hype lol


I’m so excited man. Especially for this summer when I’ll have nothing but time to create bytes.