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Who was Nujabes



As an Asian American, there is little to no representation of our people in media. Growing up, it was either someone in yellow face or an Asian actor playing a stereotype…etc… Then I watch Samurai Champloo and loved the music in it, I looked up who it was and it was an artist named Nujabes. Even though he was from Japan, he was the first Asian artist I truly looked up to. Nujabe’s mix of hip hop and japanese jazz is a mix that went together to create soothing soulful sounds, he was an amazing artist. RIP Nujabes…


gonna start listening to his stuff. RIP! :tear:


Rest In Peace is loved soul.


Rest In Peace. Inspirations are wonderful. This was cool to read :grin:


Amazing that you’re willing to share this with the community.


I’VE BEEN TRYING TO THINK OF HIS NAME FOR YEARSSS TO FIND THE SONG I FIRST KNEW FROM HIM :scream: It was already hard enough to find because there’s no lyrics…

…And now it’s all coming back to me :sob::heartpulse: RIP :pray:t4:

Found this around the time of the upload date, 2009


:heart: R.I.P. sweet soul.


you can tell through the music that he really enjoyed what he did… I like these pieces a lot. I’ll definitely see these some time again in the future. Thank you, Ken.