the byte community forums

Who wants to be byte buds when the app releases


Let’s all be friends :crazy_face:


im down !


i cant find your twitter, add me to the gc @ isahjoke


@_amandaaustin on twitter


Meeee we should join a group chat. One what platform though?


If you from New York I’m down to collaborate and make videos, other then that I’m with the cross promoting lmao


for sure


Me !! I’m down ! You should make a group chat!


Is it too late to join the party?


Never is too late


What platform are you using for the group chat?


Someone hook me up to an invite to a group chat if this is happening @LuvjiSingh on twitter


I’m iiiin


I’m down ! I’m already lonely


I’m downn


I’m so down for that.:v:t3:


someone should create a chat group on twitter, and add everybody that gives the “@”


Sure! Instagram @ImHannanAli


The IG V2 group is FULL so we made 2 FB Groups for sharing each others content & getting to know eachother before the launch! :slight_smile:


Me want frendz plz. x)