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Who wants to be byte buds when the app releases



Hi! If u created a group i’ll be super excited to be in it :wink:


Yay ! of course


Vine is being resurrected y’all someone be friends w me​:green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Ayy all of my social media is @DatKidMolly :smile: Feel free to hmu!


Down!! Count me in!


Id be down for it but I’m already joining v2 with a group.


We’re all friends now, no takesies backsies


Me of course, no takesies backsies hehehe


Makes sense to me


I love this community here
Let’s be buddy’s


well i’ll join in with the 70+ people, lets keep this going lol


underscores before and after make the text italic lol


Do we have a chat or a place for is to be freindsies togather?


Me I will if you wantttt


Lol we’re all saying that we want to be friends but let’s actually make that happen in a group dm or something


i would love to!!!


Yeahhh boiiiiiii


I say yes on every thread. But yes again!


yes lets make a group chat!