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Who wants to be byte buds when the app releases


Sure. I will be your friend


Sure, why not!? I think that on the new app, we all need to be friendlier to eachother.


Aaaaye! :raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::sparkles:

(In Canadian that means: I accept your friendship, and am excited). :canada::joy:


I also, would be down to be friends with your photographer… cause like :nail_care:t3::nail_care:t5: your profile pic tho.
#JusSayin. :sunglasses::+1:t5:


Me = down.


Everyone add me on Snapchat: peoplesgamer
Everyone who adds me message me because ima create a story and/or a group chat


I’m so down to being everyones bud and in the end helping each other out on v2! If you want to connect, just send me a message on Instagram and let’s become friends!


Hey Buddz! I’ll create a big group chat for us! :):+1:t5:

Send me a DM on Instagram! (and Say “V2”)

We can chat there too! And Once V2 comes out! :smiley: we can share eachothers Vines and encourage people to cross over!

Anyone who wants to be in a V2 instagram group chat!

Yaas i’m in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


of course!


Mee ! Y’all follow me on vine and insta


I love how everyone is happy and kind.


Friends? That’d be cool to have one of those :smirk:

Follow me on IG and Twitter guys: dannis_singh


I’d love to be friends guys! Haha my insta is:


Ye. . . .


YESSSS PLEASEEE! irrelevant but im from the UK :slight_smile:


we’re friends now, hi


For definite

With anyone


Yes yes I do🙂
V2 buddies seems nice💯


I’m so down to be buds with anyone :blush: