the byte community forums

Who wants to be byte buds when the app releases


I think most of the forum is amazing because we all get along :heart::heart:


YO !! I’m not opposed to making a few pals :slight_smile:


yesss there’s so many people here already but we all should be friends


I’m down if you are


Yeah - we could make a group chat on insta


That would be awesome !! I’d like to do that


that would be so cool


i need more friends


Sure, My Insta is heiki_pakis
Anyone is free to follow me and I’ll follow back.We can help each other out


Lol same


My internet friend. He is (Bubbled Gemz) on Youtube



Nothing wrong with friends!


Hey - if anybody has created a v2 gc, could I please be added? :slight_smile:


Awesome!!! :raised_hands:t5:


Friendship is wealth and I’m always looking for new friends :slightly_smiling_face::revolving_hearts:


I’m down when the time comes:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


I’ll be your bud regardless!


Looks like you have a lot of future buds @CooperC


Yep follow me on Twitter guys.


looks like you found yourself a pal, can’t get rid of me now!