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Who wants to be byte buds when the app releases


Let’s be buddies :grin:


+1 here. And what do we do now?


I’m down “Theycallmekai”

Drop what your byte Usernames will be 👇

Count me in!


count me in :)!!


I’m always up for having friends :sunglasses:


Let’s do it


Yo I’m so down for this!! Why don’t we create another chat as well??


Yes please!!:grinning:


Sure bro


anyone want to create a v2 support group on instagram dms? we can plan and create vines ahead of time, brainstorm ideas, commit to commenting and relooping each other once the app is up. I want this group to be for people looking to use v2 to bring an audience to their youtube channel… or something similar. message me on here or on instagram @suhguysitsmejess with your thoughts!!:slight_smile:


EXACTLY!! :slight_smile: this is v v true


Im always looking for new friends :smile: Add me on instagram! @Katherine_Frame


Let do it yesss!!!


Someone be my v2 bud


i’m down to be your v2 bud, we can follow each other and give each other tips and ideas if your down?


Most Def, I need to go into this with friends.


heyy i m up!


i like friends…i need friends


I would love to be everyone’s friend no doubt :blush: , this forum really shows how much positivity in the community there can be and I love it