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Who missed the beta announcement?


Who missed the beta announcement, but is making sure to be on the watch for another?


not me, for the people who did, make sure you have dom’s twitter notifications on AND to regularly check the forums and discord

that way you may never miss out


I second that


Yeah, thanks…


There is none


Over the last week or so, he’s given us a lot of info over twitter and discord, maybe you just aren’t on at the right time?


Please search up a topic before making a post about it


i missed it by a few hours but it was still open when i replied to it. i hope it counts!

also, there’s a few threads on this already

and i’m not sure if you’ve seen this one posted by a member of the team which tells you all u needa know: One week in w/ byte + beta plans


I did sadly :frowning: but I heard there’ll be other beta announcements with a chance to get the beta in the future!


I joined these forums in January (right around when they first opened up), but I became less and less active because there wasn’t much going on at the time. It sucks that I missed the chance to sign up for beta cause that’s one of the things I wanted to do the most :frowning:


exactly same situation here! I gave up when the creator was postponing the date all the time and was only checking in once a month haha


It’s a real struggle out here :weary:


I missed first beta too, so I’m really hoping there will be another chance to be part of beta too!


i heard there will be several other chances, however they won’t guarantee it (ie contest/random giveaway)


I missed, but I’m waiting for the second chance


There will be others, I’m sure of it.


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