Who is your favorite Internet personality?


NGL I like Danielle bregoli (she’s just funny to me), Roy purdy, Tabasko sweet (nate), lil tay, there’s more I just can’t think of, but who is your favorite?




tomska. dodie clark.

i have so many.


David dobrikkkk


Its Kingsley and my girl Liza Koshy


JStuStudios. They did that viral “Eating Loudly in the Library” prank. :joy:


Shane Dawson, Emma Chamberlain, Liza koshy: I watch them so much that my personality is literally just a mix of all 3 of them


a lot of people lol. or at least a few


Drew Gooden is my favorite.


Brian Hull because he is pure and makes me laugh


Either Liza or Hannah Stocking


I’m over here lovin on Jacksepticeye like a 13 year old haha


Babyariel :blue_heart: Loren :yellow_heart:Danielle bregoli :heart: ace family


Carrie Hope Fletcher :heart:


100% Trisha Paytas, here I am just relaxing to Trisha Paytas crying