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Who is @cami_p?


Hi all!

I’d like to introduce myself and maybe clear the air of mystery around ??? WHO I AM ???.

I’m Cami and I work with Dom on his TBA app. I’m actually an avatar for a few members of the team who will be taking turns driving this account. So, Cami is not a real person. Or at least not ONE person.

I’m here mainly to serve as a listener to what’s going on in the community on forums, Twitter, Discord, wherever. (Especially as we get deeper into building the app we’re all here for.) I’ll relay anything that seems important to what we’re building to Dom and the team, and then respond and/or weigh in based on what we talk about.

There’s so much fun discussion to get caught up on and I look forward to sharing more updates soon. We’re just getting warmed up over here.



you got us!


i got punk’d

update: nice to (virtually) meet all of you! glad to have you as part of the community.


Nice to meet multiple you(s)! Haha. :grinning:


very nice to have you here! ;D


AWESOME! Nice to meet the cami p’s! <3


Can’t wait to discuss more about the platform with all of you! :slight_smile:


Cool, nice to meet you!




Nice to meet you


lol you got me! nice to meet all of ya!


Well howdy diddly


Well welcome cami(s)


Well well well that’s pretty litty, welcome all of you!


I just want to know why the P on Cami_P ???
@cami_p I’m a curious cat :cat2:

Edit: never mind, I’m stupid. 3 minutes later I opened your profile.


is pebble “their” real last name tho😂






Interesting! Welcome to the community


nice welcome to the community Cami