Which are you feeling most about V2 right this second?

  • I’m content and waiting.
  • A little impatient but I’m okay.
  • I’m freaking out and I wanna explode!

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So excited!


im content at the same time wouldnt want it to be out too quick. i feel im not ready yet haha


is “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” an appropriate response?


“11 voters”
“13 total votes”

Sounds about right…


@DeltaDawx wanna move this to ‘Hype’ seeing as you got those fancy powers? :grin:


Moved category to “Hype” with my magical power :joy:


Was it not Hype?


No, you left it uncategorized. :slight_smile:


I’m afraid the wait will cause the hype to die down


I’m impatient :laughing:


Ohhhhh lol im sorry