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Where will you move (if at all) if you get popular on v2?


I wouldn’t move far away. Maybe first a small, cheap apartment near cologne.
But I defneatly would want to travel to the USA and visit (amongst other things) LA and NY.


I would stay where I am or move to England.


Transition between my living in Canada LA and Miami


NY or Cali,
Leaning towards NY.
Being from the East Coast, I like the ambiance.


stay here first, then mv to LA seeing as how that’s where people seem to kick it off. and then mv 2 jpn. dnt jdge


idk i would probably just stay in my home town


Maybe if I made it big here, maybe I’ll consider just being a local artist here in the philippines but there’s also possibilities to get that L.A dream that most of us here have because opportunities are there and I can get more collaboration and network, i guess but still idk


probably stay here in LA


i’ll stay in my bedroom forever x


LA or more likely, a nice apartment is Central London, Stratford or Canary Whalf


I won’t probaly


i would love to live in LA


Definitely NYC if I end up making enough money. It’s only 20 minutes away and it’s my dream city to live/work in :call_me_hand:


Right when I turn 18 I would like to move to LA


I will finally move out of my room


i don’t want to kill everyone’s vibes… but unfortunately, its very unlikely that you would get enough income to be able to live anywhere lol. one, you dont make as much as you think. that’s why people force merch so hard, and at that point, there are a large group of people that view merch pushers as tacky and too “brandy”. Influencer money is also extremely unstable and unreliable/inconsistent. hence why many youtubers are freaking out about the algorithm changes and their views going down. you could seriously ruin your credit score if you mess up and move out on an inconsistent pay. However, if you go above and beyond and have income based on several channels/apps, merch, etc, don’t go to L.A. Not as pretty as you think😭 and the night life is dead. miami/new york is where shit goes down.