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Where My Fellow Musicians At?


Awesome! I’ll follow you and I’d be down to collab yo just hmu if you wanna :smile:


I’d love to! I’ll follow you back!


Sweet! Thank youu :smile:


I’m here.


Hey guys, i am a DJ and i also make music. The genres i tend to make or want to make is House, Trap, Hard Trap (festival trap), and probably more also add me:
:instagram: @Therealmikeywilkinson16
:snapchat: @DJ4life123
:twitter: @MikeyTheDJ99
Also Check out my DJ mix on Mixcloud :musical_note:


i’m a solo violist (viola player) and I kind of want to do pop covers when v2 comes out, but I’m not quite sure.


You should! I know they’d be awesome! :smile:


I’m a singer and I’m hoping to get better with guitar and piano. I haven’t gone through college yet but I plan to minor in music (starting this coming year). My Twitter is @alpacapresident and my Insta is @actuallyalizardperson


I’d love to see that! :smiley:


Awesome! I’ll give you a follow on both :smile:


What’s sup girl
Follow me here


I’ve been playing piano since I was 4, so I supposed that’d be about 18 years?
I’ve been playing acoustic guitar since year 6, so 10 years, maybe?
Electric guitar, bass, flute, percussion and a few more that aren’t too relevant.


Oh wow! That’s very impressive! :smile:


Awesome! Will do :smile:


thanks :blush:


yahoo!!! i think tupac and eminem are preeeeeeeetty goooood


I’m so in love with both of them! I really dig NWA too, they’re my favourite group :smile:


lol just for fun


yooo, i’m about to drop a new song i’ve been working on. i’m most likely going to release next week. super excited. Follow my socials below to be the first to hear it!
:instagram: @Therealmikeywilkinson16
:snapchat: @DJ4life123
:twitter: @MikeyTheDJ99
soundcloud: killfavrmusic


My name is Isabella.
I’m 14.
I sing and write songs.
That’s basically it.:heart: