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Where My Fellow Musicians At?


Glad to hear that :joy: :heart:


So there are a lot of people planning on making music videos! Am also planning to make cover videos. Gonna get my first guitar next week and hopefully I will be able to play it well before V2 is launched.


Undoubtedly there will be, I mean it’s a huge industry haha but ooo, that’s awesome! You know what they say, ‘practice makes perfect’ :smile:


me!!! solo artist


Ayy I’m a solo artist too haha :smile:


I’ll do cover videos all the way ! Even though I listen to mostly mainstream I like other genres as well but I’m so excited to continue my journey on v2


Mostly songs are of pop theme…
With stories related to love(mostly)


Ooo interesting :smile:


That’s awesome! I hope I get to hear them! :smile:


I hope I get to see yours as well !! :smile:


Much love!! :smile::heart:


I started playing guitar about an year ago…because I wanted to post cover videos…and I can assure you that if you give proper time to your practice…you will be able to play the guitar to a limit where you can post cover videos, within 3 months

Best of luck…:v:️:+1::+1:


Thank you! Best of luck to you also! :smile:


Thanks :v:️:grin:


I have one of those launchpad things but I’m always too busy to play around with it xD eventually I’ll pick it up more because I think it’s so interesting!! But for now I just like to occasionally look up music theory and stuff just for fun


Wish I had a launchpad


Lmao I have a drum machine, which I casually don’t really use either😂


Listen to something I made months ago**

Fidget Spin and Die


I’ll be posting covers for sure! I really want to collaborate (sing duets) with other artists through split screen :blush: Here’s one of my covers: my instagram is @chisofficial


Here man