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Where My Fellow Musicians At?


Ooo cheeky


I play the piano for 11 years (and I am 15 y/o rn). I write my own songs and stuff. I am definitely not professional.

I am working on a song named “Live ‘til Seventeen”, which is about my past suicidal thoughts (and aim to end it all when I become 17).

I hope that the song can help the ones who is going trough what I have been trough.


I really hope that when you say 'aim to end it all when I become 17 ’ you’re talking about the song


I don’t okay any instruments but I sing (I guess I play the Vocal Chords :laughing:) I want to associate everything I like and do into V2


Few years ago, I really was really planning to end it all at 17. (Not anymore, so nothing to worry about). So, I am turning what I’ve been trough into a song, which I hope will help people out who are going trough what I’ve been trough, tell them that they are not alone.


I’m glad :smiley:


I play the piano and ukulele, and that’s about it. I also sing, so I guess that’s my other instrument!. I hope to write my own music one day


I sing, do songwriting, work in a band and do solo work, produce my music with my band, and I’m trying to learn the bass. I like classic rock, swing, pop, house music, electronic, and bunch of other types too. :blush:



  • I play the piano for 11 years
  • I sing
  • I play, the Guitar, kinda… (in the Piano way, lmao) (Self taught) (Also, i suck at it)


Ayy v noice! That’s pretty much the same on my end tbh😅


Yeah :joy: it is


Oh man :disappointed: But I’m glad you’re not anymore! I would have had to go all ‘positive momma bear’ on yo ass if you were :sweat_smile: Fr doe, I hope you’re good and I think that’s pretty beautiful, keep it up! I know you’re destined for greatness! :smile: :heart:


Alright! That’s awesome dude😄


Woah, that’s crazy haha but good for you man! Keep it up!:smile:


I need people like you in my life!!!


Haha yeah! Of course man!:joy:


This was so embarrassing :joy:


Lmao who for?:sweat_smile:


I lowkey was (in caps on) “CAN WE BE FRIENDS, PLEASE!!?”



Lmao, that’s not at all embarrassing! :sweat_smile: That made me feel loved man fr :joy: