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Where My Fellow Musicians At?



Sooo, yeah, basically I sing n stuff and I wanted to connect with other musicians :smile:

Was curious to see which like music department is your thing e.g. performing, production, songwriting etc. and also, what kind of music are you into?? Are you in a band or riding it solo like me? Idk lol just anything and everything music related haha

(If you care, all of my social media is @DatKidMolly :joy: )


There are some musicians under this thread, check it on and make friends.


I love the rap and trap, just the english trap, the spanish i dont like it


Oh dope! I’m massively into 80s, 90s gangsta rap haha


Ayy tyty


Do you sing?


Yeahh haha


I love rap, trap, house, alternative, indie, classic rock, classical, folk, soca, reggae, and some pop.

But as a musician, I play the cello, I don’t perform anymore though, I just play at home when I’ve got some free time


You have a YouTube channel? I want to heard you sing


I do but I haven’t got anything on there yet :sweat_smile:


Oh wow! I dig a lot of those genres too! That’s awesome man but how come you don’t perform anymore??


I did a lot in high school, but I was really pressured to go to college for something more "practical"
I got really into tech around that time, so I figured I’d go into computer science. That way my parents are happy, and I’m happy, too. Kinda like a compromise :confused: I’m still able to jam with my friends, when we’re all free, and I still play at home, so I’m fine with that. After I finish school and get a job, then I think I’ll start performing again on the weekends. I finish this spring, so I don’t have to wait very long anymore :sweat_smile:


How long have you been singing/a musician?


Well,i am a performer plus a songwriter …
I am more into pop and Bollywood music…
I am a solo artist…
Nothing else to tell…:joy:


I love singing but also songwriting. But the songs that I write are more like therapy for me, idk if those texts are something I’d publicly release…
I am very into RnB, Afro Music and Latin Music but I also enjoy ‘mainstream’ music.
I don’t do it professionaly but I pray I can make my own music one day soon :slight_smile:


I’m into RnB, Pop, Rap, and trap :joy:


Ooo, I studied science in college actually for like 1 year lol and I’m sure we done a lil bit of that haha but that’s good that you still to do it and stuff!:smile: But nice, nice and that’s sounds like a good call haha


I only properly started singing about 2 years ago which is when I really started to get into music


Ooo nice, nice what kind of songs do you write?? Like what are they about and what genre do you do them in??


Oh yeah, I think I know what you mean because I write similar stuff to that too. I also like a little bit of RnB and same here, that’s a similar goal to mine too😄