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Whats everyones social media


Hello, I’m a host and the audio engineer for the podcast zero supervision you can follow us @ZeroSupervision on twitter and also follow me at @joseph_lawhorn


island_genius on twitter, IG, and snap. I hope to make that my V2 username too aha


Thank you!


Hi I already posted my ig but here it is again along with my twitter lmao


Lil slip👾


all social is @trevorgorji


My insta is @fashionfordimes I also have a YouTube that I want to start making videos on again.



Check out my social media I’m a filmmaker/photographer IG: @NicholasPOV I was on for a moment cause I just needed to make and post video’s but now I’m filming/editing and preparing for that V2 grind!


I created a Instagram to promote people who are into vine when it comes out username is revival_of_vine





Follow Me On Insta …you will like me and my personality…insta @Spokenfact


I would like to be part of a group chat

Instagram: aubreywall13
Twitter: aubreyleee_





Insta @jazyjazgregory
Basically everything is @jazyjazgregory hehe


Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I’m a photographer from NYC :smiley:

Twitter: @KiddoxNYC


Your pictures are amazing!


Thank you so much! :blush: :heart:


Instagram is Jbrownllama
Twitter is Jbrownllama_