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Whats everyones social media




I also want to start one!


My twitter is pretty big and hilarious! Looking to get into ■■■■■■ quickly. @MatthewKGarr on twitter!!!


Just followed you :)) we can start together!


Starting one soon! Finally recorded just gotta edit. Lot of self persuasion


my twitter is , care to share tips?


Tbh I only have Twitter but if you want to it’s @VAKTechAndFilm


I have a channel and I’ll help you but I only have Twitter, so DM me: @VAKTechAndFilm


I’m @kiiddex


My insta is@jayhan.w so add me to any group chats you guys make :blush:


follow my insta @brianbaileyr !


My Twitter: ShayBae (@ShaneShane_S):
Insta @the_rave_heart


that’s abt the only social media i’m active on


ASCAP Recording Artist-IMDb-Magician-Foodie here.
FB / Spotify /Soundcloud / Vimeo / YouTube / Bandcamp / iTunes / iHeartRadio: Vandermast
Smule / Snapchat: itsvandermast
Twitter: @vandermastmusic
Instagram: vandermastofficial


Insta @chris.moore3


I’m @cspowell7 on Instagram and I started a YouTube channel with my girlfriend. Check out our stuff and if you like it follow/subscribe :fire::fire::fire:




Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat - AwesomeStump56


As President of Earth since Earth Day, 2015, I’ll throw my hat in. I was random on Vine and still am on everything. No focus, just whatever random thoughts I had or weird video thing I put together.
Kenneth Udut Youtube - never bothered monetizing.

I also have a musically just because I need constant new creators and love loops… got about 6000 followers there and I hardly do anything.


IG - atropey
Twitter - atropey
Ello - opey