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What you guys think of my cover to just the way you are?


Here’s the link please listen to it and like please thank you! :slight_smile:


It sounds cool I’d love to listen to you live.


the high notes bud where are they?


Much love thank you. Maybe, one day you will.


that sounds really gooood. Like great. How did you manage to capture that amazing feeling of… I can’t really explain it but you know what i mean? Nice remix too, produced really well :+1:


Aye thank you so much! Honestly that was probs the hardest cover song honestly. Bruno Mars is a really good artist that can sing really good. It took lots of practice. I honestly freestyled the rapping part. Also, had to keep singing the parts that were very hard to sing over and over. Vocal class helps a lot.


Sounds good! Keep on making music :yum:


Thank you! Much love


Great stuff !


Sounds very lovely!!!


Not bad! Although some harmonising would sound great with the chorus.


I forsure will keep that in mind. Thank you for the feedback. That’s all I ask for from everyone. Much love though.