What would be your first vi*e?


Welcoming v2


Oooo. Sound cool


Probably something sarcastic, haha


A dumb joke :blush:


Telling my stunt double that vxne is back


It’ll honestly probably be me sitting there with a dumb look on my face trying hard to say something funny but too overwhelmed by excitement and joy to even say 1 word :rofl: way too excited!


I don’t think I could ever figure out what to create as an official first vid, so I’m pretty sure I’ll upload a few videos from my camera roll I made on snapchat that I saved thinking they’d make a great vine lol
There’s one in particular I’m dying to upload so that will probably be my first, figure there’s no better introduction than jumping right into it cx


Original comedic content involving the launch of v2


I’ve already written it and I’m buying props for it right now, and I’ve already found the perfect location too! All I need now is Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shirt, and I need the snow to melt.


legit 0 ideas


I’m gonna have to do something ridiculously stupid/edgy and make some remark about how v2 is taking it to the next level. The normal cringeworthy stuff.


think think!!!


probably a nipple


Intro about myself or a comedy video


probably something completely new and creative


Mmm ALLAH AHKBAR explosives are funny at times :eyes:


I have an original and comedic idea planned :slight_smile:


ahhhhhhhh the poem is such a good idea but I have no clue. it’s either going to be a) something stupid, b) introduction of some sort or c) nothing bc anxiety attack :joy: