What would be your first vi*e?


i wrote a poem for my first v*ne!!!


Ooooo that’s a cool idea for a V2


ill think of something creative not sure what but its gotta be monumental


Weird visuals were my thing. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to start creating again and editing for hours and stuff.


Its got to be something like yass we back!!!


I have no idea


same tbh


Idk because on releasing because of hype people will post there reactions or like saying some hyped stuffs about V2.


Meet the editor


that’s a nice idea! I’d probably do something reflecting my hype for the startup


Maybe introducing myself (quickly) :laughing:


Nice idea


I have ideas but I do not know which to choose yet


This idea is good, so they will know you




It would be me crying


I have many ideas, but I’m not sure exactly what my first one would be, but the poem thing is super creative and original so I think you will do great


That’ll be one quick introduction


Ooooo that’ll be super cool. Can’t wait to see it


“Hello I am marko” The end :laughing: