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What will your ‘Aethstetic’ or Theme be?


What will your page look like, what colour? What will your profile pic be like? Header?

I’m thinking dark grey and my profile pic will be just me or the swan pic. Header (if there is one) will be just be my name in neon text.


I’ll change my profile pic in all my social media and I like red.

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I don’t follow you, can you link your twitter?

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I mainly use IG

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purple…blurple…damn…idk i gotta exploreeeeee

its prolly gonna be according to the color theme of my profile pic

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So black and yellow?
That’s cool, like a bee

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Purple for me. Idk about the pic…

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Maybe the one you have now? Or a selfie
Or a random animal, that’s what I do

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Probably a selfie or picture that shows what I’m into

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Yeah, what kind of vids are you planning on making?

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Definitely the comedy direction. Not that I’m counting, but I have roughly 75 ideas :joy: I love athletics so I’ll do a couple on gym stereotypes and a couple funnyish random ones

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Haha, I have 61 but I only like 3, I’ve made one byte so far, gonna do comedy hopefully

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Yeah!! If I didn’t do the comedy path, it’d be a BORING account

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I mean there’s art and animation, or music


At least you like three of your own lol. In the moment I’m thinking “GENIUS” But then I look back thinking “really?”


Same (8char)

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I’m going for more bright colors so I’ll probably go for something red. Idk, red is my favorite color


I would probs like a vine green color and use my not very epic face as the pfp :sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Could use what your using now
Whats that from


Myself. My theme will be myself lol and rock and roll…